Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding ACES

How do I log on to the Member’s section of the ACES website?

You must be an ACES member. If you do not know your UserID and password, please call ACA Headquarters or e-mail your request for information to . The ACA phone numbers dedicated for ACES members are 866-815-ACES (2237) (toll-free) or 703-212-ACES (local).

How do I become an ACES member?

ACES has several categories of membership. ACA membership is required in all instances.

  • Professional: Open to persons who are employed in counselor education or counseling supervision positions.
  • New Professional: Open to persons who have completed a graduate degree in counseling in the past twelve months. This has a reduced dues level and is available for only one year.
  • Student: Open to individuals who are enrolled at least half-time in a college or university program related to counseling.
  • Retired: Open to those who are retired from the counseling profession and have been active ACES members for the past 5 consecutive years.

If you want more information, contact either ACES Membership Co-Chair, Geoffrey Yager or Jill Nelson. Geoff’s email is and Jill’s is To join ACES, call ACA headquarters at 1-800-347-6647, x222. (Have your credit card ready.)  You can also join via the internet at Click on “Membership” and then click on “Join ACES.”  If you are not already a member of ACA, go to Click on “Not a member yet?  Join ACA.”

Are there benefits to graduate students in joining ACES?

Yes! Almost a third of the ACES national membership is made up of students. They receive the ACES journal and newsletter; they become eligible for ACES research grants; they have reduced registration rates at ACES and ACA conventions; they can participate in ACES conferences at the state, regional, and national levels; they have access to the Members Only section of our ACES website. Networking and mentoring are important aspects of ACES membership. Opportunities for leadership and professional growth are always available. If you want more information, contact the ACES Graduate Committee Chair, Diana Ortiz

How do I check to see if my ACES membership is current?

Call ACA headquarters (1-800-347-6647 x 222) or e-mail .

I am looking for the ACES Ethical Guidelines for Counseling Supervisors. Where can I get a copy of this?

The ACES Ethical Guidelines for Counseling Supervisors (1993) and ACES Standards for Counseling Supervisors (JCD v69 n1) can be found in the Documents & Minutes section of the website. FYI, the 2005 ACA Code of Ethics is available via the ACA website ( If you look at both documents, I think you will see that the majority of the standards in the ACES Ethical Guidelines are now in the 2005 ACA Code (worded differently but covering the same content. We are currently in the process of developing a “Best Practices” or “Standards of Care” document for counseling supervision and hope to have this completed within the next year.

How do I know what ACES region my state is in?

You do not need to be a member to access this information. Simply click Membership on the top of the ACES homepage and then click on the “Regions” button. This will allow you to see all the states listed in the various regions. You may also find more detailed information regarding officers and members for any ACES region by clicking on the “Resources” page listed top of the ACES homepage.

How do I contact my State ACES President?

To find or to contact your State ACES President you simply use the steps described in number 6 above. An alternate route to find your state ACES president is to go to (ACA’s website) and click on “Divisions/Regions/Branches” and find your state ACA branch. You may then contact the President or Secretary of your state branch.

How do I subscribe to the ACES journal, Counselor Education and Supervision (CES)?

Subscriptions for non-members are $53.00 (print only) and $66.00 (online only); $84.00 Institutional (print only); $99 Institutional (online only); $110.00 for non-member (both print and online); $142.00 Institutional (both print and online) yearly; ACES members receive the journal as a benefit of membership. Persons and institutions who are not ACES members may subscribe to the journal by calling ACA at 1-800-347-6647, x356.  For advertising information, contact Kathy Maguire, ACA Director of Media Sales (607) 662-4451 or

For Online submission, go to or

If you have a question regarding the review process or a submitted manuscript, please contact:

Dr. Linda L. Black, Coeditor
School of Applied Psychology and Counselor education
University of Northern Colorado
McKee Hall 290, PO Box 131
Greely, CO 80639-0001
Phone: 970-351-1638

Dr. Heather M. Helm, Coeditor
School of Applied Psychology and Counselor education
University of Northern Colorado
McKee Hall 290, PO Box 131
Greely, CO 80639-0001
Phone: 970-351-1630

Can I purchase individual issues and articles from the journal?

You can purchase individual issues and articles. On the internet, enter This will guide you to the purchases you desire, and you can order online. If you need further assistance, call ACA at 1-800-347-6647, x356

Can I search the ACES journal online?

Yes. Searches of volumes of CES by keyword, title, author, or other criteria are all available. Go to the ACA website, At the top, click on “Publications.”  Then click on “Journals.”  A box near the top shows how to do searches of the ACES journal. You can also go directly to Click on “Search.”


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