ACA Dues Increase July 1

On May 25, 2012, in ACES News, by aces-admin
Effective July 1, 2012, ACA dues will increase as follows:
Professional/Regular – $163
Student/New Professional/Retired - $93
Also effective July 1,2012, ACA will implement a new membership category (2nd Tier New Professional),approved by the ACA Governing Council at its March meeting in San Francisco. 1st year New Professionals ($93) will transiition to the 2nd tier New Professional rate of $122 during their renewal cycle instead of transitioning to the Professional ($163) category. This means a renewing ACA member will be a New Professional for 2 years instead of one.

This new membership category is being implemented at the request of graduating counseling students entering the counseling profession regarding their financial responsibilities and lack of finding a job after graduation. The retention from New Professional to Professional is critical and establishing this new category will improve the retention rate thus meeting the needs of the up-and-coming professional membership base.

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