ACES has just published a new book, Teaching in Counselor Education: Engaging Students in Learning, edited by John West, Donald Bubenzer, Jane Cox, and Jason McGlothlin. This publication is intended for future and experienced counselor educators who want to learn more about actively engaging students in the teaching and learning process.  It contains chapters introducing various practices in teaching, providing ways to implement those practices, and offering case studies.  These practices include developing student-teacher relationships, building anticipation and readiness, employing technology, incorporating learning activities, making use of the seminar, distance learning, using evaluations in teaching, and more. The book speaks to the complexities of teaching while also highlighting possibilities and the fulfillment that comes from involving students in learning.  It will guide one’s effort to appraise one’s own teaching, construct or revise one’s own philosophy of teaching, and challenge growth beyond how one has typically taught in the past.

“This book’s goals manifest the very heart of counselor education, raising issues, providing ideas, and nurturing standards that meet the highest goals of the ACES mission and vision.  .  . I am not aware of any other book or monograph, current or past, that addresses the issues and purposes that this book does so specifically in the education of counselors.  I can only wonder why it has been so long in coming.”

Harold Hackney, Ed.D.,  Emeritus Professor of Counseling, Syracuse University.

“Teaching is often overshadowed (or absent) in products or activities offered by ACES.  This book moves ACES in a positive direction by addressing one of the foundational components of the profession.  When I have taught a doctoral level course on teaching and learning in counselor education, by necessity I was forced to use materials from higher education and teacher education.  I would have loved to have a product like this one to use.”

Tarrell Awe Agahe Portman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counselor Education and Supervision, University of Iowa.

Copies may be obtained from the ACA bookstore.  Order # 78078.

Online:  (Search for Teaching in Counselor Education)

Phone:  800-422-2648 x222

List Price:  $38.95.  ACA Member price:  $34.95

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