Handbook of Counselor Preparation

On February 13, 2011, in ACES News, by aces-admin

The Handbook of Counselor Preparation – co-edited by Garrett McAuliffe and Karen Eriksen, sponsored by ACES - is a comprehensive guide to teaching and learning in counselor education.  The book offers a fundamental grounding in the adult learning and teaching process and includes both practical and conceptual material.  Its completely new approach uses contributions from internationally known scholars on the art and craft of teaching in counselor education.  Creative teaching strategies for all of the courses in the counseling curriculum are written in a fresh, accessible style.  Additional chapters include approaches to the use of technology and to evaluating counselor preparation. The Handbook is useful for stimulating creative teaching in both seasoned professionals and doctoral students who are becoming counselor educators.

This is a one-of-a-kind publication that is characterized by a dynamic approach to experiential teaching and learning.  Sponsored by ACES.  May be purchased at the ACA online bookstore (www.counseling.org.  Click on “Publications,” then click on “Bookstore.”) or from Sage Publishers (www.sagepub.com ).

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